Ambrook vs Red Wing CenterPoint

Switch to farm accounting software for the modern era

Easy to use bookkeeping, invoicing, bill pay, and analytics all in one tool. Cloud-based, mobile, and collaborative.

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QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online

Simple mobile app and website

Modern, intuitive workflow design

Integrated online bill pay

Accounts Receivable with online payments

Integrated bill payments

Native check mailing

Team cards for expense management

USDA funding program tracking

Expert chart of accounts consultation

Switching from Red Wing CenterPoint

We’ll help you move on to greener pastures

Clean up your chart of accounts with our experts

Work with our ag-centric customer service team to personalize your chart of accounts.

Don’t miss a beat with customers and vendors

Import outstanding invoices and bills and transition to our customer management to keep your business moving.

Import historical records for yearly analytics

Bring in historical data for peace of mind while ensuring you can track performance over time.

Get up and running with your team in one week

Participate in guided onboarding and training to personalize your system and master your workflows.

Get a personalized demo

Ambrook is Ag Data Transparent certified, ensuring your information is safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ambrook is cloud-based software that works on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone.

You can connect thousands of banks to Ambrook to sync transactions, saving you time entering in expenses and deposits.

Ambrook was designed to store all of your receipts. You can attach receipts to transactions, bills, invoices, contacts, and more. Purchase receipts will also be automatically scanned and itemized in Ambrook automatically.

Ambrook Card is a debit-secured credit card, meaning that you can only spend available funds in your Ambrook Wallet, and there are no overdraft fees.

Ambrook has an amazing, US-based, customer support team that's available 7 days a week.

Yes! Ambrook has a number of resources and self-serve guides to get set up, as well as personalized support for those that need it.

We currently offer historical data import to select customers. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help make your transition onto Ambrook easy.

Yes! Ag operations can use our pre-made templates, chart of accounts setup guide, or bring your own chart of accounts from your previous system. No matter what you choose, Ambrook charts of accounts always map to Schedule F and Schedule C to make tax filing a breeze.

Yes! You can collaborate with your accountant in Ambrook to get your questions answered quickly with less back and forth.

Ambrook does not include integrated payroll management at this time, but our flexible accounting platform works great with journal entries and other records exported from payroll systems.

Ambrook does not include full integrated inventory management, but does have a robust set of tools to manage your balance sheet, including the balance of inventory and other asset accounts.

Yes, yes, and yes! Ambrook makes working with checks easy. You can print checks from your own bank account at your home printer, deposit checks from your phone from anywhere, and send mailed checks to vendors from the app, without needing to go to the post office.

Yes! Ambrook supports both individual and bulk transaction creation, making recordkeeping workflows easy.

Ambrook is built by a distributed team across the continental U.S.