Customer Story

How Hāna Ranch builds a strong reputation with customers and vendors


Duane & Rose Lammers
, Since 2017


3,600 acres in
 Hāna, Hawaii


Beef, Lemons, Limes, Ulu, Bananas, Horseback Riding, Water Utilities

Sustaining their community

Hāna Ranch is a diversified operation located on the eastern coast of Maui, Hawaii. Rising up from the famed Road to Hāna, the ranch’s 3,600 acres sprawl across a lush, mountainous landscape. The centerpiece of the operation is their herd of 1,100 cattle who spend their entire lives on grass — resulting in premium, sustainable, grass-fed beef. In recent years the ranch has invested in silvopasture and the cattle find shelter under orchards of breadfruit trees — known locally as Ulu. Citrus and bananas are also produced by the ranch's 20 acres of orchards.

The couple running the long-standing business are Duane and Rose Lammers; veteran ranchers who migrated from the mainland, where they ran a 25,000-acre bison operation in South Dakota. The move to Hawaii meant taking on a complex operation that not only produces agricultural products, but also contributes to the town and island that houses it.

Hāna Ranch is an integral part of the community, supplying restaurants and distributors with their agricultural products, providing the town of Hāna with running water, and supporting tourism efforts through horseback tours. In order to be the best partner to their network of customers and vendors, Rose and Duane searched for tools that would improve their operational efficiency. That’s what led them to Ambrook.

A trusted community partner

Ambrook has provided Duane and Rose with a single system for managing payments. Rose is the primary user, leveraging the platform’s payment tools to log bills and invoice customers. The ranch’s vendors and customers are diverse, from the logistics company that ships their beef to the neighbor who purchases their water, but Rose, Duane, and their business team are able to provide the same level of timely, trustworthy service to every person and company they interface with because of Ambrook.

On Ambrook, staying accountable and moving things forward efficiently is easy because everyone on the team can contribute. When Rose creates an invoice or bill, Duane approves it, and the payments team knows to cut the check. No time is lost tracking down information because Rose can capture it all quickly using features like quick import — a fast way for her to use her phone’s camera to upload bill details.

For Rose and Duane, this helps them maintain their on-island relationships — showing the community that they are a trusted, reliable, long-time partner in the local supply chain.

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