Customer Story

Why Against the Grain chose Ambrook to be their all-in-one solution


Founded in 2012 by Holly & Andy Whitesides
Founded in 2012


35 Acres in
 Zionville, NC


Vegetables, Livestock, Agritourism

Holly and her Husband Andy have been farming organically together since 2010, and bought the land that would become Against the Grain in 2012. The farm raises a broad spectrum of certified Biodynamic and Organic vegetables on about 2 acres of cropland and pasture-raised, GMO-free, Animal Welfare Approved meats on the remaining pastures, woodlots and hay fields.

Ambrook visits Against the Grain's farm in North Carolina

Why new bookkeeping?

Holly always found herself playing catchup with her bookkeeping. She would collect receipts and deposit slips to give to her bookkeeper on a monthly basis, but it was always inconvenient and any data she got back from bookkeeping came too late.

Why Ambrook?

As the Against the Grain team and family has been growing, Holly was looking for a tool that would standardize their financial processes while being easy to learn. Ambrook’s collaborative design lets others chip in on the bookkeeping workload while learning about how the business is run.

Why now?

In addition to wanting a single unified bookkeeping platform to replace the multi-software mix she was using before, Holly was excited to get on to Ambrook so she could start saving time and spending it on things she cared more about.

It’s empowering for me to see my financials in real-time. It’s going to save me and my bookkeeper time.

Holly Whitesides, Co-owner