CFAP Additional Assistance Applications (CFAP-AA), Now on Ambrook

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By Mackenzie Burnett

Mar 16, 2021

The USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) has been extended with additional assistance to certain agricultural producers whose operations were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, eligible farmers and ranchers can complete their CFAP Additional Assistance (CFAP-AA) paperwork online in a simple form with Ambrook.

Even with the vaccine rollout across the United States, the impacts of COVID-19 continue to affect Americans and our economy. Food chain disruptions and other pandemic-related market factors have reinforced the need for continued and equitable access to farm assistance over the past year.

In May 2020, and again in September 2020, the USDA released multi-billion dollar funding packages targeted at farmers affected by COVID-19. CFAP1 and CFAP2 combined represent $30.0B of funding. $26.9B of this initial allocation was distributed to producers, and the remaining funds from these two programs are now available in the form of CFAP Additional Assistance:

ProgramCoverage PeriodFundingSource
CFAP1May 26, 2020, to Sept. 11, 2020$16.0BCARES Act, CCC Charter Act
CFAP2Sept. 21, 2020,to Dec. 11, 2020$14.0BCARES Act, CCC Charter Act
CFAP-AAJan. 19, 2021, to TBA[$3.1B]Unspent CFAP1 and CFAP2

Source: CFAP Funding (Congressional Research Service)

While CFAP-AA also provides additional funding to certain CFAP1 and CFAP2 applicants, only newly eligible applicants can apply for CFAP funding for the first time with CFAP-AA.

Expanded Eligibility

Producers who are newly eligible can now apply for CFAP funding. This includes:

  • Livestock by contract producers that have raised broilers, pullets, layers, chicken eggs, turkeys, hogs, or pigs under a contract in 2019 and 2020, and experienced a drop in revenue, now qualify.

  • Pullet producers now qualify for CFAP funding, after not being explicitly included in CFAP 1 and 2.

  • Turfgrass sod producers now qualify for CFAP funding, after not being explicitly included in CFAP 1 and 2.

These producers can apply by contacting their local USDA service center, or with streamlined forms on

Increased Payouts for Previous CFAP Applicants

If you have already applied to CFAP1 and/or CFAP2, you may be eligible for additional funding under CFAP Additional Assistance. Producers of aquaculture, swine, nursery crops, floriculture, row crops, specialty crops, specialty livestock, and tobacco should contact their local USDA service center to see if they qualify for additional funds.

Estimating Payouts

Producers can easily estimate their payouts on Ambrook’s CFAP Additional Assistance Calculator, which is free to use. Start by adding the products you produce to estimate your payout.

What’s Next?

A third round of CFAP funding for farmers and agricultural producers has been authorized by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, and the USDA has been allocated $11.2B for this purpose. The program details, including the application window, has yet to be announced.

Applications to CFAP3, when it is announced, will be available soon after on Ambrook. To get notified when CFAP3 is announced, sign up for Ambrook’s waitlist by clicking the “Get Notified” bell here.


Photo of Mackenzie Burnett

Mackenzie Burnett

Mackenzie Burnett is the CEO of Ambrook. She grew up with conversations about ag policy around the dinner table, within a family of long-time USDA career officials. Most recently, she finished a master’s degree in international policy and climate security from Stanford University, working as a summer analyst at Renewable Resources Group, an agricultural and water asset management firm in Los Angeles. She previously had cofounded a software infrastructure company that was funded by Y Combinator and acquired by CoreOS (acq: RHAT). For her work, she was recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017 for Enterprise Software. Mackenzie is also on the Board of Directors for Interact, a community of mission-driven technologists. In her free time, she likes to explore local tide pools along the Pacific coast, read philosophy, and garden.

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