Ambrook is Now Certified by Ag Data Transparent

Photo of Mackenzie Burnett

By Mackenzie Burnett

Sep 17, 2021

Since our founding, Ambrook has helped farmers and ranchers access funding opportunities and manage their finances. Privacy, security, and transparency of how we use data is core to who we are as a company. That’s why we are excited to announce that Ambrook is now officially Ag Data Transparent certified.

Ag Data Transparent is an independent non-profit organization that audits agricultural technology companies‘ use of data to ensure that they transparently communicate how they use an operation’s data. We worked closely with the Ag Data Transparent team to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and produce a report that is publicly available on their website. Ag Data Transparent has certified other innovative AgTech companies including John Deere, Farmers Business Network, Granular, Indigo Ag, and Conservis.

Our Commitment to Agricultural Producers

We commit to be transparent about how we use data to help farmers and ranchers to achieve their financial goals. As a part of this commitment, we will renew our certification annually, undertaking thorough independent review from Ag Data Transparent.

Learn more about our certification on the ADT website.


Photo of Mackenzie Burnett

Mackenzie Burnett

Mackenzie Burnett is the CEO of Ambrook. She grew up with conversations about ag policy around the dinner table, within a family of long-time USDA career officials. Most recently, she finished a master’s degree in international policy and climate security from Stanford University, working as a summer analyst at Renewable Resources Group, an agricultural and water asset management firm in Los Angeles. She previously had cofounded a software infrastructure company that was funded by Y Combinator and acquired by CoreOS (acq: RHAT). For her work, she was recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017 for Enterprise Software. Mackenzie is also on the Board of Directors for Interact, a community of mission-driven technologists. In her free time, she likes to explore local tide pools along the Pacific coast, read philosophy, and garden.

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Ambrook is Ag Data Transparent certified, ensuring your information is safe and secure.