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Western SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Due November 1, 2021


This grant program involves agricultural producers (main applicants) and technical advisor(s) implementing projects to address identified needs in sustainable agriculture. With the support and guidance of the technical advisor, producers must integrate research and education to conduct on-site/on-farm experiments to improve production, marketing, and the environment. It is expected that outcomes of funded projects will result in quantifiable benefits for producers, increase the preservation of the natural and social resources upon which agriculture relies, and be shared with other producers. 


WSARE requires that agricultural producers be involved from inception to finish in the planning, design, implementation, and educational outreach of any WSARE-funded project.

For Farmer/Rancher Grants: The project team must be a minimum of two (2) people and must include: A Producer (Principal Investigator and Applicant) and an Agricultural Professional. The Agricultural Professional must be independent of the Producer and should not submit the application on behalf of the Producer.


Up to $25,000 may be requested if one (1) producer is involved. Proposals with three (3) or more producers may request up to $29,900. Funding is paid as a fixed price contract via a Subaward Service Agreement, with 50% of the award being paid upon execution of the Agreement. The remainder is paid in fixed increments after submission and approval of progress reports and/or final report. Farmer/Rancher grants can be funded for up to two years.

Multiple submissions are accepted. Only one application (from any one individual applicant) can be awarded funding in any of the Western SARE competitive programs in one grant budget cycle. 


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November 1, 2021


Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

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