Announcing Multi-Entity Support

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By Maika Koehl & Atticus Graven

Sep 9, 2022

Many farms set up multiple legal entities to organize income streams and complex tax liabilities. We’ve heard from our members that it’s critical to know which entity your expenses tie to at tax time. Now, Ambrook has you covered with Multi-Entity Support!

Introducing Entity Tags

In the same way you tag transactions with categories and enterprises, you can now also specify which entity it rolls up to. Manage unlimited business entities all in one software.

Automate and Split

You can create rules so tags are applied automatically, saving you time bookkeeping. And for purchases or revenue shared across these businesses, you can split transactions across entities.

If you run your operation under one legal entity, Ambrook will keep things simple for you and hide this feature from your app. If you’re ever interested in changing the structure of your operation down the line, you can set up entities then.

We’re always looking for ways to let you focus on the things that matter. Have a question or an idea for something we should build? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Photo of Maika Koehl

Maika Koehl

Maika Koehl is Ambrook’s Chief of Staff, and has spent her career untangling problems across the food supply chain. Most recently, she led operations at Vori, a startup building software for independent grocers. Prior to that she launched and scaled Uber’s freight marketplace globally. Maika is driven by a strong belief that everyone in these foundational industries - farmers, grocers, and truckers included - deserve tools that improve their lives.

Photo of Atticus Graven

Atticus Graven

Atticus has a Masters in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Davis. Prior to joining Ambrook, he spent 6 years with The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission teasing out intent and incentives from transactional data in the US organized energy markets. Now, Atticus has returned to his true passion—supporting farmers to feed the world in a sustainable, non-exploitative way that reconnects us all to the food we eat. Follow him on Twitter @AtticusGraven.

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