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By Ali Aas

Jun 29, 2023

With Ambrook, incoming and outgoing checks can easily be sent or recorded, ensuring your books are accurate to the moment. Once that check is deposited, your final step is to clear it with its posted Ledger transaction — this is called Check Clearing and we just made it easier with Ambrook.

View checks to clear by filtering the Ledger to Accounts > Outstanding Checks or Undeposited Checks, then open one up and click the “Clear Check” button.

You’ll be brought to a list of recent transactions. Select the transaction that clears the check and hit “Done”. That’s it — your check is cleared, and any associated bills or invoices will be updated.

To learn more about managing checks on Ambrook, read our recent posts that cover Mobile Check Deposit and recording physical checks during Bill Pay. If you write or receive a lot of checks, schedule a session with our team so we can provide you with the best experience.


PS - We are actively building major improvements to Invoices & Bills. Did you notice they’ve been split into their own tabs? Reach out today if you’d like to review the next iteration!

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Photo of Ali Aas

Ali Aas

Ali is a multidisciplinary designer passionate about the intersection of technology and the environment. She served as a Creative Director at Upstatement where she worked on award-winning projects including Grist and The Arnold Arboretum. Ali believes design can be a steward for sustainability and is eager to help farmers thrive in the face of a changing climate.

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