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Margin Protection for Federal Crop Insurance

Risk Management Agency

Closed September 30, 2023

Margin Protection provides you coverage against an unexpected decrease in your operating margin (revenue less input costs). Margin Protection is area-based, using county-level estimates of average revenue and input costs to establish the amount of coverage and indemnity payments. Because Margin Protection is area-based (average for a county), it may not reflect your individual experience. A payment may be made when the harvest margin for the county is lower than the trigger margin due to a decrease in revenue and/or an increase in input costs. Margin Protection will cover a portion of that shortfall.


Margin Protection can be purchased by itself, or in conjunction with a Yield Protection or Revenue Protection policy purchased from the same Approved Insurance Provider that issued the Margin Protection policy. If you buy a Yield Protection or Revenue Protection policy, you will receive a Margin Protection premium credit to reflect that indemnity payments from one policy can offset payments from the other. You may buy any optional coverages or endorsements available for the base policy, except the Supplemental Coverage Option and Enhanced Coverage Option are not allowed on the crop if you purchase Margin Protection.

Application Instructions

Contact your crop insurance agent to enroll. If you do not have a crop insurance agent, a list of crop insurance agents is available on the RMA website by using the RMA Agent Locator at




September 30, 2023

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Updated June 23, 2023

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