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Revive el Cafetal Puertorriqueño program

Hispanic Federation Puerto Rico

Coffee is special in the Puerto Rican culture, but beyond that it is fundamental for the socio-economic development of the island, especially in the communities where it is grown. Given the continuing need for access to coffee seedlings on the island, in February 2020 the Hispanic Federation (HF) opened the Revive el Cafetal Puertorriqueño program, which subsidizes most of the cost for 2.25 million high-quality coffee seedlings.

This program is part of a broader initiative to revitalize Puerto Rico's coffee sector. This initiative, led by the Hispanic Federation, is a multisectoral effort between various non-profit and philanthropic organizations, the private sector, and the artist with Puerto Rican roots and philanthropist Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Miranda family. It aspires to address several of the challenges pointed out by coffee growers after the hurricanes in 2017 and that still persist. Among the pressing challenges identified are: access to training to improve practices, technical assistance, and access to quality seeds and seedlings. 

Revive el Cafetal Puertorriqueño will run for 18 months and will subsidize most of the cost of coffee seedlings. Coffee growers will invest only $ 0.25 per seedling, up to a maximum of 8,064 seedlings per participant. The varieties of Coffea arabica offered are: Limaní, Fronton and Obatá PR, as they are available in the nurseries.



Anyone with at least 3 years of agricultural production experience can apply.


The application will be evaluated according to the order of arrival to determine its eligibility and priority level. Then, applicants will be notified and assigned an approximate date to collect the seedlings. The investment payment of $ 0.25 / seedling must be made prior to the date assigned for collection.

The collection of the seedlings is the applicant's responsibility and the grant does not cover any associated expenses. Once you collect the seedlings in the nursery, you must sow them on the farm within no more than 30 days from the day of collection. No transfer, sale or transfer of coffee seedlings is allowed.

Application Instructions

You may submit your application via online portal, email, or regular mail.

Online portal

Complete the application online at this link


Download the application below, fill it out digitally and send via email to

Regular Mail

Download the application below, fill it out digitally or print and fill out with black o blue pen. Then mail to:

Revive el Cafetal Puertorriqueño, Hispanic Federation

#667 Calle La Paz, Suite 201

San Juan, PR 00907


Release Date

February 1, 2020

Financial Instrument


Updated March 22, 2024

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