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Fischer Farms Ultimate Beef Strategy

Fischer Farms Natural Foods,
U.S. Department of Agriculture

This project aims to generate knowledge of carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions for the Fischer Farms beef production system, to inform future business decisions, and to generate science- based marketing tools that will enable buyers to actively participate in climate-positive purchasing and eating decisions. The project will include livestock producers, and it will support Fischer Farms’ market expansion into other areas.

The project will utlilize Dual Comb Laser Technology for measuring all greenhouse gas benefits. Rigorous sampling, first-of-a-kind monitoring, and innovative analysis will lead to a new science-based understanding of the potential to deliver beef to the market that is truly a climate-smart commodity.

This novel laser technology is planned to measure methane and other greenhouse gases at both the barn lots and pasture settings at Fischer Farms network farms. This approach will provide detailed measurements of beef cattle GHG emissions on pasture and allow for the quantification of the impacts of algae feed supplement on reducing methane emissions with the Ultimate Beef production system.

The research plan entails 1) relevant data collection and analysis of the Ultimate Beef system, 2) implementation of USDA’s COMET-Farm and IFSM modeling tools, and 3) development of an ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment to calculate the GWP benefits of Ultimate Beef relative to the conventional US system.  A marketing manager and sales team will develop and execute the Climate-Smart marketing campaign with a goal of educating consumers on the impact of climate-smart meet and their purchasing decisions. They will leverage on-line platforms, and print advertising as well as partner with whole-sale buyers.  Project activities will involve expansion of marketing in Indiana, Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY.

With an existing network of more than 100 diversified, small, veteran, beginning, BIPOC and other underserved producers committed to the brand, Fischer Farms Ultimate Beef ensures fair pay and equitable representation for farmers and workers in the value chain. Additionally, the project will provide a critical opportunity for market access to a network of small and underserved farmers who would otherwise be challenged to verify and enter climate-smart market channels.

Special emphasis will be placed on expanding the network of farmers in underserved areas.


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Check the project website for updates and progress throughout the duration of the project.


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Updated December 21, 2023

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