Ambrook Research

Data-driven storytelling for modern agriculture.

Our Vision

Ambrook Research publishes original research and stories on issues facing modern agriculture. We’re interested in how farmers are building profitable and sustainable businesses, and how global and national economic trends are changing how we farm. Our focus is on issues that matter to farmers, other agriculture industry practitioners, and the ag-interested public generally. Ambrook Research also welcomes short and long work explaining new agriculture research.

A good Ambrook Research piece mixes data and storytelling: our goal is to root every story in hard data on the industry. This means a good profile for us explains how a given farmer or agriculture professional’s story fits in a broader context, and a good piece on long-term trends helps readers understand the human impact.

Potential pitches for Ambrook Research could address meat-packing consolidation, changes in fertilizer techniques, challenges of urban farming, or how supply chain issues affect commodity crop prices. We look for writing that is genuinely curious about the Why, not just the What, and that tries to understand all sides of a story. We hope to cultivate a tone of genuine curiosity and openness about the ag world.

All accepted stories go through a collaborative editorial process and are paid at competitive rates, based on the amount and type of work. Ambrook Research editors are happy to work with writers on sourcing and finding useful data for a story when appropriate.

Ambrook Research is backed by Ambrook, a company making sustainability profitable in natural resource industries, starting by providing back-office financial tools for farmers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambrook Research exists for farmers and agriculture professionals. We take their concerns and experiences as our starting point, and are interested in stories that address the practical, financial, and social impact of changes in the ag world. We adhere to traditional journalistic standards on requests for comment from all parties, and strongly encourage writers to source from multiple individuals when possible.

Not at all. We’re looking for relevant stories about modern agriculture, no matter where they come from. In the past, we’ve profiled farms that have partnered with us, but the new outlet will cast a wide net.

Some examples include:

Yes! We’re interested in interesting and innovative advances across the ag world, including from startups. We prefer stories that explain the industry trends that make a new company or technology interesting, over profiles of a specific company.

Please pitch us even if you’re not sure about a given story idea! We want to support serious writing, and are happy to workshop ideas. While we focus on long-form research and reporting, we publish op-eds and book reviews on a case-by-case basis as well.

Although we cover issues of political importance, we are not an advocacy organization. We keep a clear division between opinion pieces and reporting or research pieces, and all work will be clearly labeled as one or the other. Authors are welcome to submit op-eds, especially pieces that provide a clear argument on a topic or story we’ve covered recently.

Interested in reporting on modern agriculture?