Accounting software built for agriculture

A preview of the Ambrook online accounting software.

Customer service at its finest. Within the hour.

Livestock · Oklahoma

Customer service at its finest. Within the hour.

Livestock · Oklahoma

I’ve been loving bookkeeping these days. Never thought I’d say that.

Produce · Indiana

These folks are the BEST! They are patient, flexible, and attentive.

Dairy · Vermont

Make informed decisions powered by accurate books

Streamline your back office with an all-in-one platform

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Invoicing and Bill Pay

Live Reporting

USDA Program Tracking

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A mobile device showcasing the Ambrook app.

Maintain clean books without breaking a sweat

Personalize your chart of accounts

Effortlessly prepare your data for Schedule F

Sync live transaction data and automate tagging

Capture and associate receipts on the go

Maintain your balance sheet just by bookkeeping

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Ambrook product interfaces that illustrate the connection between bookkeeping and analysis.

Understand where you are making and losing money

Track income and expenses for individual enterprises

Evaluate your operation with enterprise-level P&Ls

Get data out easily with one-click reports

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Ambrook product interfaces that illustrate enterprise profitability.

Customer Story

Bread & Butter Farm

600+ acres · Shelburne, VT

We've always prioritized empowering our enterprise managers, but it was tough when each manager had their own system and budget. It took so much time to merge data across different sources and then fix errors in order to be able to trust our numbers. Now on Ambrook, all our financials are in one place and one format, making it easy and fast to get accurate data so our managers can focus on leading their teams confidently.

Headshot of Brandon Bless, Land & Animal Manager at Bread & Butter Farm

Brandon Bless

Land & Animal Manager

Produce team members work in the greenhouse at Bread & Butter Farm.


Corie Pierce & Chris Dorman Founded in 2009


600+ acres in Shelburne, VT


CSA, Animals, Vegetables, Farm Store, Events, Education

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A preview of Ambrook's software

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Connected Accounts

Real-time transaction syncing from banks, cards, sales platforms, and more to reduce manual entry.

Receipt Capture

Snap a picture of your receipts and we’ll scan, itemize, and attach them to transactions for you to reference later.


Automatically tag transactions with similar descriptions instead of handling each individually.

One-click Report

Track the health of your operation with live reports (Balance Sheet, Enterprise‑level P&Ls, and more).


Invite your accountant to view and collaborate on your books — before, during, and after tax season.

Customer Service

Get real-time help from your designated customer service rep who is well-versed in finance for agriculture.

With Ambrook, I’ve got a good team behind me. I’ll say ‘this is what I need, is it possible, or what can be done here’ and usually within a couple hours it seems like the Ambrook team has a solution.

Headshot of Candice Barnard

Candice Barnard

Owner & Operator

WhiteBarn Hay & Cattle

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