Materials used to train Ranching for Profit participants.
Materials used to train Ranching for Profit participants.

“Done is better than perfect.”
- Ranching for Profit


Making Changes

As an operator, making a change to your business can be overwhelming, especially when the return on investment could be seasons away. Ranching for Profit advocates for directional improvements powered by educated guesses: “just getting started is what’s most important”. A 10% margin of error is to be expected and shouldn’t prevent you from pushing forward with an adjustment to your operation.


Potato, Patato

At Ambrook, we’ve used this advice to guide farmers toward sensible enterprise profitability tracking. Just recently an operator asked if he should track the profitability of his potatoes down to the varietal (Russet, Fingerling, Pinto). When we dug into his setup, he identified that the expenses for his potato varieties are nearly identical, so adding complexity to tracking input costs didn’t make sense.


Keep it simple...

Overcomplicating your tracking actually puts it at risk because the more complex a system is, the harder it is to maintain. A simple system that gives you enough insights to check your gut and move toward directional improvements is often what’s best.

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