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Perennial Fund

Perennial Fund

Closed Indefinitely

As far as we know, this program is closed indefinitely and not likely to reopen. If it does, we'll update this page!

Financing built for organic farmers. Remove the risk, invest in your soil, and accelerate your transition.

The Perennial Fund works tirelessly to see you through your entire transition to fully organic, set up new crop markets, and connect you with other leading organic farmers.

Long Term & Low-Cost Financing

The Perennial Fund makes you a multi-year commitment to see your farm to 100% organic. The Perennial Fund has the grit to partner with you for the long haul so you take the time to invest in your soil. You only pay when you’re making money based on a flexible crop share and deferral years.

New Crop Markets

You can’t talk about financing without talking about markets. The Perennial Fund helps you secure crop contracts for commodity and specialty crops through our network of buyers. The Perennial Fund's goal is to drive more value into your farm with a diverse revenue stream beyond corn and beans.

Integrated Support

The Perennial Fund believes every organic farmer should have the support conventional farmers have. From cover crop mixes, crop insurance, to field by field marginal analysis, The Perennial Fund can help you level up. The Perennial Fund co-creates an actionable plan to help you make your dreams into reality.

What does The Perennial Fund finance?

Almost anything that helps your farm reach 100% organic.

**Operating loans: ** TPF finances operating loans for any acres transitioning to organic and already organic acres. These are 3 to 8 year low-cost loans tailor-fit to your individual farm.

Equipment: If your limiting constraint is a lack of the right equipment, TPF can work with you to finance anything from a roller-crimper to an in-row roller.

**Infrastructure: ** TPF can finance anything from grain bins to small scale processing.


Farmers who already have some organic acreage under management and want to expand their operation. TPF prefers farmers who own or have a long term (5+ years) lease on the land that is set to transition. Understand the basics of regenerative agriculture and farm business planning.

TPF focuses on the Midwest and High Plains of the United States. Exceptions can and will be made.


TPF provides capital for 3 years during the organic transition. After the transition payback on the remaining balance begin. TPF works towards leaning you entirely off of using annual operating loans and maintaining enough of your own working capital to free you from the commercial lending system in its entirety. Towards the end of your transition if you need another operating lender, TPF will do everything in its power to connect you with a values aligned partner.

The amount of money you take home is determined by your:

  1. Expenses

  2. Yield

  3. Market prices

  4. Value adds (N credits, water credits, carbon offsets, biodiversity, etc)

What’s the interest rate?

You have two options.

  1. TPF sets a specific amount over the life of the loan, not a yearly interest rate. This is called a return cap. TPF likes this model because it protects you as a farmer so if you do very well, you’ll experience that upside not us. It also keeps the terms clear and upfront.The rate set is 110-150% of the principal of the loan. If it takes you 8 years total to payback the loan, that is equal to a 6.25% interest rate that you’re only paying when your making money.

  2. You and TPF agree on a standard APR rate.

Application Instructions

1) Schedule A Call

Reach out with this form, and we’ll give you a ring shortly after.

2) Create A Transition Plan

Together, you and TPF will create a custom operating, equipment, and infrastructure finance package to get you on the path to 100% organic.

3) Go Organic

Use your financing to transition the rest of your farm and begin the path to debt-free farming.

What information will I need to provide?

You’ll need to provide both ecological and financial information. TPF uses a 3 phase due diligence process, to assess the resource base of your farm and the financial viability of your business. Leases, deeds, and 3-5 years of balance sheet and income statements will be needed.


Updated March 25, 2023

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