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Connecticut Farm Enterprise Transition Grant

Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Closed February 25, 2020


The Farm Transition Grant (FTG) provides matching funds to Connecticut farmers and agricultural cooperatives for the diversification of existing farm operations, transitioning to value-added agricultural production and sales, and developing farmers’ markets and other venues in which a majority of products sold are grown in the state.


The following entities are eligible to apply for the Farm Transition Grant:

  1. Agricultural producers, singularly or jointly, whether such producers are owners or tenants of existing agricultural production facilities located within the State of Connecticut. Tenants must include a written agreement between all necessary parties regarding the submitted project.

  2. Agricultural cooperatives.

Eligible entities applying must meet the following to qualify for the Farm Transition Grant:

  • Be registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State if established as a limited liability corporation or incorporation

  • Possess a Farmer’s Tax Exemption Permit

  • Have submitted a Schedule F, Form 1120S, Form 1065, or Schedule C for the previous three years.


Matching funds from the applicant must be a minimum of 50% of the total project budget. The match must be clearly outlined in the application and can only be cash contributions; in-kind matches are not allowed.

The cash match can be self-financed, provided by bank financing, or funded through another grant (federal, state, or otherwise). If a grant is providing the match, the applicant must disclose the grantor, the grant name, and amount awarded. The Farm Transition Grant must be paid directly to the applicant.

Please note: This is a reimbursement grant. Funds shall be reimbursed to the applicant only after the entire project is successfully completed and all necessary documentation is submitted. There are no cash advances.

Projects must be completed within one year of contract execution. Contracts will be in effect for two years.

Project extensions are allowable only with prior approval. Contract extensions are unallowable.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s grant coordinator or any other agent of the Commissioner of Agriculture may make periodic visits to the project site during the contract duration. 


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February 25, 2020


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